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Life on the rocks


Statement of the director of the film “Life on the rocks”

A story born from passion for the natural world, above and underwater.

The Costa Brava thanks its name to the jagged rocks, elegant stones and fine pebbles along the coast. Relatively little attention goes to this rock-shaped foundation. Flora and Fauna live in a natural balance and form a unique part of nature. For those who pay close attention, the elements have many things to tell. ‘’Life on the rocks’’ takes you into a flow of experiencing the wonders of the natural world.

Many people will now become aware of how wonderful this underwater world along the rocks at the Costa Brava really is and what lifes and grows above, beside and under rocks above and below the waterline.

Professionally edited with music and studio voice-over, this 20-minute nature documentary includes never before seen views of places both above and under water no one has ever had the privilege to film before and has been filmed at the Montgrí Coast along the Costa Brava. “Life on the rocks” has rights-covered music provided by Ben van Beugen and Tim de Haan. The professional voice-over is that of Robert Rosier.

The entire production from idea to realization took over 12 months and was fully financed independently.

These unique images have sprung from cooperation between Goofy Aqua Video, ThuurartASC, Power Act Media, Dutch Connection Studio, Zwan Media, SamundraVisions , Stollis Divebase Tamariu, Triton Diving Llafranc and several others. They show a close look at the lively world in and around the rocks above and under water. Besides rocks and their vegetation, octopuses, cuttlefishes, anemones and sea-whips are also featured. This beautiful underwater world will no longer be unknown.

Kijk hier de complete documentaire.